Panamanian Golden Frog

What an amazing species! Sadly, this species is extinct in the wild. They have them in captivity, and are slowly raising them back up. This species is endemic to panama, and it was originally found in “El Valle de Anton.” This is one of my favorite birding spots. This frog can communicate using hand signals! They are truly amazing animals, and you can donate to help them here:

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As you already know, I live in Panama. It is an amazing country! One of the main reasons I love it, is the biodiversity here. There are approximately 986 species of birds in Panama. I highly suggest visiting Panama. My favorite place to visit is probably the beach. Here are some Birds you can see here.Image result for panama birds

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Rufous-crested coquette

What an amazing bird! Also known as the Lophornis delattrei the Rufous-crested coquette is a species of hummingbird that you can find in Panama, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, and Colombia. Thankfully this species is in least concern of extinction.

The male hummingbird has a bright orange crest that spreads out to impress the females. The average size of the hummingbird is 3 inches! You can find it more in the edge brush (the plants on the edge of a road, field, etc.). This butterfly is one of my favorite birds and if you would like to hear it’s call here is a link:

First Post!

Hello readers! This is a new blog on Panama’s beautiful nature! I am currently a student in Panama and the wildlife here is outstanding. My main interests are birds and insects. I enjoy taking pictures, identifying and recording all the species I see. I hope this blog will educate you and inspire you to go out and look around for animals!