Rufous-crested coquette

What an amazing bird! Also known as the Lophornis delattrei the Rufous-crested coquette is a species of hummingbird that you can find in Panama, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, and Colombia. Thankfully this species is in least concern of extinction.

The male hummingbird has a bright orange crest that spreads out to impress the females. The average size of the hummingbird is 3 inches! You can find it more in the edge brush (the plants on the edge of a road, field, etc.). This butterfly is one of my favorite birds and if you would like to hear it’s call here is a link:

8 thoughts on “Rufous-crested coquette

  1. This is a great post! I like how you explained where you can find this hummingbird, because people from different countries, like me, might not have known. I am from the United States. Have you ever been to the United States? You should come check it out!

    1. Thanks for writing a comment! I was born in the United States and I visit annually. I love it!

  2. I am curious how you became interested in this bird. Have you ever actually seen it? That crest is pretty distinctive. You made me look it up to find out a bit more about it. The information tells me that it’s a bossy hummingbird because it can “…make life difficult for any other hummingbird species that may visit your yard,” but doesn’t stick around long.(Cornell Lab of Ornithology) Do you have a bird feeder in your yard? I look forward to checking back with you. I am an official #STUBC commenter, and your post is a terrific one. Next time you might ask your readers a question like I’ve asked you.

    1. Thanks for the comment! I came across this bird in my Birds of Panama book. The Rufous-crested Coquette can be spotted in a birding spot near me and I have been looking for it. I went on a birding trip last year for my birthday, on a mountain behind Panama City. My best friend was wandering around while I was tying my shoes. He actually spotted the Coquette hovering around a bush! He called me over, but when I got there, it was gone. It was very disappointing. To answer your question, I don’t have a bird feeder in my yard because most of them don’t work here because of bugs and A LOT of maintenance. The best thing that I use is fruit. The birds love that.

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